Constructive Suggestion for Ferguson (not that my opinion matters)

I’ve been reluctant as I considered writing this today, as the subject matter is sensitive and innocent people’s lives may hang in the balance as we voice our opinions on the volatile situation presently in Ferguson, MO.  I wish the reader to understand I fully accept any criticism that maybe I should just keep my mouth shut about the situation.  With that said, I have weighed the pros and cons to the best of my ability, and I wish to make one suggestion to the people of Ferguson as to one of many possible ways in which events may be turned towards peaceful and productive means.  This is my suggestion:

Take all the emotion, energy, and passion which has now been visited on your community and channel it into music.  Get together and perhaps even help rebuild a business that you could also use as rehearsal space, and sing about what you are going through.  Get together with some other people who are living through this present situation, play some instruments, tell us your stories, and let the world hear your song.  If you are not musically inclined, then find one of these bands and be their fan and help spread the music of your experience.  Some of us are not living in the same area as those of you who are presently in Ferguson, geographically or metaphorically; and we may actually sympathize with your predicament, but it’s hard to support anyone who is escalating violence.  So, not that my opinion really matters a shit in the grand scheme of things, but I vote for the music (and stand in full support of peaceful civil disobedience as consistent with the Bill of Rights and our inalienable individual human liberty).  Ferguson – it may be that more people will listen to you if you sing to us!  I’m just one person, but I’d be interested in buying my copy of an album released by some impassioned young musicians who are living through what the people of Ferguson are going through right now.  Maybe I’m not the only one who would love to hear what you have to say in the most artistic way you have to say it………


“I always knew that if you were going to have a revolution you needed two things, young people and music”

– Ron Paul


Adam on Breaking MetalA.G. “Brick” House is an Afghanistan war veteran and former licensed minister (UPCI), who has become an outspoken skeptic, peace advocate, and involved himself in many other issues which he believes affect the individual freedoms of the people whose constitutional rights he took an oath to defend.  He currently resides in the heart of Tennessee with his companion dog ‘Liberty,’ where he is recovering from PTSD, enjoys the therapeutic hobbies of gardening, creative writing, playing drums in the metal band Outlaw Serenade other forms of artistic expression   \m/

Ferguson fire sale

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