For the past few months I have stayed blissfully away from social media, with the exception of YouTube. I still need my regular dose of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Joe understands how to have a show platform that doesn’t involve fear-baiting, race-baiting, and all around angry hate-mongering. While I was blissfully ignorant of the […]

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The Sky is Still Firmly in Place Above Us 

Don’t read this article. Seriously. Just deactivate your social media accounts now and go outside. Still here, you rebel? Okay then. I made a huge fucking mistake. After disconnecting from Facebook for a month, I gave into the temptation and logged back in. I was immediately assaulted by the death and destruction that is the News Feed, […]

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Baphomet: What You Probably Haven’t Heard

***The contents in this article involve a topic that is strictly taboo for certain people due to their religious beliefs. The information in this article is NOT about sending “hidden messages” or the promotion of any religious belief system. This article is strictly an informational piece written about a topic that I have been, and still […]

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My Failed Attempt at Faith 

I wanted to believe in God. I really, really tried. When I was younger, I found it easy to buy into the concept of God, and of Christianity. After 9/11, I thought I was doing the ‘Christian’ thing by joining the military. There was a certain level of ‘holy war’ mentality amongst my kind of […]

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Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.50.18 PM

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Donald

Timeline: Hickory, NC March 14, 2016 “Get a job! Why aren’t you at work?!” says the guy in the Trump line to a protester, seemingly unaware that he too is here on a bright Monday morning obviously not attending to his chosen profession. The predicted wild throngs of “anarchists” (to quote Sheriff David Clarke, though […]

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Why I’m Anti-Feminist, But Also Anti-Meninist

  FOR THE PAST several years I have been extremely outspoken about my loathing for radical feminism and feminists. Being a guy who has no shame in being a guy, I can’t help but notice the emasculation and shaming of men in the modern Western world just for being men. I’m tired of seeing unenlightened mental […]

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“If You Don’t Want Minimum Wages, Don’t Work Minimum Jobs”

*Apologies in advance to any monkeys reading this rant… I see a lot of posts and memes saying something along the lines of, “If you don’t want minimum wage, don’t work minimum jobs.” I understand where this is coming from, but a lot of people don’t seem to understand exactly what it means. Do we […]

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I Am a Revolutionary, Perhaps

After the election of 2012, I swore to myself that I would never again get sucked into the cesspool known as American politics. In 2008, when Obama was making his run at the White House, I found myself buying into the whole “Hope and Change” narrative that his campaign was pushing. After attending numerous local […]

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The GOP Primary Update: Big D*cks, High Heels, Strange Endorsements, Assaults and Denial

With an average of 17 nationally televised debates a day, it can be difficult to keep up with the exciting race for the Republican nomination. So here’s everything you need to know in three paragraphs.  Breaking: The African-American neurosurgeon and former candidate who believes the Egyptian Pyramids were built by an Old Testament character to […]

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drum thrapy circle

Brick’s Drum Therapy Matrix

It’s time.  All the hours and days of hard work, meticulous preparation, bloody sweat, fighting through frustrations and setbacks, and pushing all the limits to be the best we can be – has all prepared us for this moment.  Now, we’re getting our game-face on.  Now, we’re reeling in our mind to perfect focus, stretching […]

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It’s Different for Girls

I love being a woman. In fact, given the choice between being male or female, I would choose to be a woman, every time. Even with all the bullshit that comes along with being female–the lower pay, the pressure to conform to traditional societal standards (getting married, having kids, being a “good” wife), the hormones, […]

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The Legacy of President Donald J. Trump

“You’re fired!” President Trump scowled, “Who do you think you are, coming in here with a question like that? That’s disgusting. You disgust me. I bet you think you’re smarter than me, don’t you… look at him, everybody. He’s a smarty pants. Mr. Know-It-All Reporter. Get out of here… “No, I’m just kidding… but really, […]

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Daniele B.

In The Beginning Was Fear

“If you have no hope of survival, what’s left to be afraid of?” By Daniele Bolelli In the beginning was fear—the fear that everything that has a body experiences once it realizes we live in a predatory universe; a universe in which absolutely everything gets to be eaten… if not by the sharp fangs of […]

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Christian flag

Apostasy & Sedition

I don’t wanna be a martyr; don’t wanna be a victim. A messiah is a predator preying on and on the system. I don’t have to agree, and don’t have to smile. Won’t wear your insecurities, fears, guilts, & trials. The blame game is not the same as the game we love to blame. Gods […]

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God is a Concept by Which We Measure Our Hate 

terrorist (n.) An individual who uses violence, terror, and intimidation to achieve a result. I do not like religion. I am a Pantheist. I believe in matter and energy, things that cannot be argued. They exist, and while neither can be created or destroyed, they can, in fact, be transformed. What they are “transformed” into […]

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Not the Good Guys

The attacks in Paris and Lebanon this November have this country pumping its collective chest once again – though, let’s be honest, most people don’t know or care about the attacks in Lebanon. But the attacks – horrific, bloody, brutal and plain evil in both cases – are just another notch in a malevolent regime’s belt of […]

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Echols, Karma, and a New Perspective

Several weeks ago, when I scored tickets to see Damien Echols speak about karma at the Ruben Museum, I had no idea what to expect. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I had missed a few of his appearances since he moved here to NYC, and I was very excited to at last be seeing […]

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No Cause for Celebration

“I’ll get you a beer on the way back to celebrate…” my friend offered as we were leaving the courthouse last Friday where, just fifteen minutes earlier, the judge “granted” me a divorce. I put “granted” in quotes because the notion that one must grovel before a judge to officially declare the dissolution of a […]

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Kim Davis, Aliens, Gays and God 

I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about Kim Davis and her inability to do her fucking job. In fact, it’s probably best to not even mention her name and give her any more free publicity. The evangelical, far-right American Taliban (including a few presidential candidates) are already crying “persecution” and attempting to sell her […]

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Kim Davis monster

Kim Davis, Gay Marriage, Morality, & A Former Apostolic Preacher

*This author recommends that before reading this piece, the reader go back and read a previous post on this site by the same author entitled, “Jim Crow Christians In A Rainbow Melting Pot.” In the interest of brevity, this piece is being written for those already familiar with the facts and what is going on […]

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A Graven Image Dedicated to Intransigence

I was driving through Gastonia, NC, listening to some Creedence, had my sunglasses on, tapping on the steering wheel… you get the picture. I looked over to my left and saw a monument on the lawn of City Hall. A monument isn’t all that unusual, governments and their power-mongers do like their marble statuary. But […]

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When I Was Poor

When I was temporarily poor, something awakened in me. I shed the old skin of being a capitalist and feeling that one could just “elevate themself if they weren’t lazy.” I fully understood the evils of corporations that the far-right – for some reason – doesn’t quite understand, nor do they seem willing to try. I […]

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Everyones Agnostic

Everyone’s Agnostic: American Atheists TN Director Sarah Green, & former minister Adam House

Chaos Section’s own former licensed minister Adam G. House & TN Regional Director of American Atheists Sarah H. Green join former minister Cass Midgley in the studio on his Murfreesboro, TN podcast, “Everyone’s Agnostic.”  This fun and thought-provoking episode contains discussion on everything from religious childhood and coming out atheist, leaving ministry for a more […]

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Life, Death and the Freedom to Bring a Steak Knife to a Barbecue

It’s a cloudy, grey July Fourth, and while most will be celebrating Independence Day this evening, the Fourth of July is just another holiday I have never been that into. For as far back as I can remember, fireworks made me nervous. Perhaps, in part, because my grandmother always worked extra shifts in the ER […]

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Smoke covers the presidential palace compound during a massive US-led air raid in Baghdad 21 March 2003. Four years after their invasion of Iraq, US commanders now believe that a new strategy backed up by tens of thousands of extra troops at last has a chance to put an end to the sectarian slaughter. AFP PHOTO/Ramzi HAIDAR (Ramzi Haidar/Getty Images)

Not A Patriot 

I have come to the realization over the years that I am not Patriotic. It’s not that I wasn’t taught to be Patriotic. I was. I was taught that the country I was born to, that I reside in, I claim citizenship in, was the greatest country in the world. I was taught that the […]

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Let Freedom Ring

“So tell me exactly what freedom means, if I’m not free to be as twisted as I wanna be.” ~ Disturbed “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” ~ The Golden Rule “An’ yee harm none do what yee will.” ~ The Wiccan Rede  My friend Dictionary says that freedom is defined […]

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medical cannabis

Veterans, PTSD, Cannabis, & Reform

“I recently sat down with advocates for cannabis reform for an interview.”  – A.G. House A.G. “Brick” House is an Afghanistan war veteran and former licensed minister (UPCI), who has become an outspoken skeptic, peace advocate, and involved himself in many other issues which he believes affect the individual freedoms of the people whose constitutional rights he took […]

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Jim Crow Rainbow

Jim Crow Christians In A Rainbow Melting Pot

I’ve written much at Chaos Section about my personal evolution from a formerly socially conservative licensed fundamentalist minister who took up with the religious right, to my current viewpoint as a libertarian and agnostic atheist.  I’ve shared with any readers who care to read about how I feel well-positioned as a critic of religious encroachments […]

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Clinton vs Bush


A Snapshot Of Political Analysis On The Upcoming 2016 Presidential Election By A Libertarian Seeking To Be Objective Please understand that this essay is meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and not as an absolute.  Whatever way attempted political prophecies may be worthy, it is not this author’s intention to be dogmatic […]

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Leading Conservatives Gather For Republican Leadership Conference In New Orleans

Ducked Up Morality

Phil Robertson of the “reality” television show Duck Dynasty once more has his foot firmly planted between his teeth. In a recent interview he offered a thought experiment (of a sort) to display his understanding of atheists and morality: “Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him. […]

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I Went to Prison Straight and Came Out Human

by Cynthia Cone There was a lot of talk a few weeks back about the comments made by presidential hopeful Ben Carson, concerning his statements that the prison system has the power to take a straight person and make them gay. While Carson ended up apologizing for his asinine statements, the fact that he even […]

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FP Save Me promo

“Save Me” World Premiere New Video By ‘Furious Primates’

Furious Primates is a Nashville-based rock band with a lot of original sound and modern sociopolitical relevance.  Today is the world premiere of their new music video, “Save Me.”  Enjoy!  

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It’s Just a Ride

The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. The ride goes up and down, around and around, it has thrills and chills, and it’s very brightly colored, and it’s very loud, and it’s fun […]

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Dear Christians, Please Stop Referring to Non-Believers as “Lost”

I want to discuss today something that has been building in my mind for years, bothering me and gnawing at my sanity. And I want to frame this issue as an open letter to anyone who calls themselves a Christian. Dear Christians, Stop calling people “lost.” I seem to hear this every time I walk […]

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Unfettered Tongues (on “taking offense”)

There has been a hue and cry of late by many ostensibly aggrieved parties that they have been offended by others’ speech. From the lowly lowlifes who committed murder in Paris to the gilded throne of His Holiness the Pope, it seems that many tender ears feel affronted by the WORDS that others speak. I […]

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Sticks, Stones and Words

by CJ Morgan Sticks and stones may break your bones, but at least they will heal. Words however, can hurt in a way that most people never recover from. As a radioman and pubic figure, I’m fairly certain how my demise will play out: some combination of symbols will inspire a bloody wretch to go […]

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Our Planet is a Lonely Speck in the Great Enveloping Cosmic Dark

Today is the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest photos ever taken. On February 14th, 1990, as the Voyager 1 space probe was leaving the solar system, having completed its primary mission, astronomer Carl Sagan requested that it turn around and take one last photograph of our distant home. NASA complied. In the photo, […]

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The Ultimate Question and a Letter of Encouragement

Over the past year, I’ve given a speech around the country called, “The Ultimate Question.” At the close of that speech, I read a letter to the audience…a letter of encouragement. So many people have responded to it that I’ve posted it below. Enjoy it. Forward it. Change or customize it for those in your […]

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