Our Self-Imposed Terror

“Cantwell and others like him go down this path NOT because of intellectual integrity; spit fire and scream provocations NOT out of righteous indignation; but because they have terrorized themselves into a corner from which the only thing they have left to do is lash outward.  They have traded first principles which lead to life and liberty of all humanity, for the rhetoric of convenient excuse to lift the hand of wrath to a copout and scapegoat of an enemy.”

The Only Thing More Important Than Liberty… and how it applies to Charlottesville

The crimes of the American government are not lost on me, and neither should they be on you.  These certainly are trying and tumultuous times.  The whole world is in upheaval, and there are many desperate situations which need attention.  Certainly, something’s gotta give and big changes need to occur – this much is true.

In The Beginning Was Fear

In the beginning was fear—the fear that everything that has a body experiences once it realizes we live in a predatory universe; a universe in which absolutely everything gets to be eaten… if not by the sharp fangs of a predator, then by time itself. And Fear became our God. And it began to rule over our lives, shrink our willingness to dare, and rob us of the beauty of it all.

When I Was Poor

When I was temporarily poor, something awakened in me. I shed the old skin of being a capitalist and feeling that one could just “elevate themself if they weren’t lazy.” I fully understood the evils of corporations that the far-right – for some reason – doesn’t quite understand, nor do they seem willing to try. I…