War Pragmatism

I am writing, therefore, in behalf of the country I love and of my comrades still in harm’s way struggling for survival on some far-off battlefield or at home suffering the aftermath of war.


Our Self-Imposed Terror

“Cantwell and others like him go down this path NOT because of intellectual integrity; spit fire and scream provocations NOT out of righteous indignation; but because they have terrorized themselves into a corner from which the only thing they have left to do is lash outward.  They have traded first principles which lead to life and liberty of all humanity, for the rhetoric of convenient excuse to lift the hand of wrath to a copout and scapegoat of an enemy.”

The Only Thing More Important Than Liberty… and how it applies to Charlottesville

The crimes of the American government are not lost on me, and neither should they be on you.  These certainly are trying and tumultuous times.  The whole world is in upheaval, and there are many desperate situations which need attention.  Certainly, something’s gotta give and big changes need to occur – this much is true.

Society is Fucked. Fix Your Own Lives.

I awoke this morning feeling philosophical (and somewhat hung over) and came to a conclusion… Society is fucked. It’s not the Left’s fault. It’s not the Right’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault. When I view my Facebook news feed these days, it’s literally: Fuck Trump. Fuck snowflakes. Fuck Trump. Fuck snowflakes. Fuck Trump. Literally. One on top…