Walking with Ghosts, A Love Letter to NYC

The first time I ever went to the Lower East Side of Manhattan I was in my late teens. Of course, living on Long Island, I had been in the city numerous times, especially with my grandmother Helen who loved the theater. I remember even back then (in the early to mid-80’s) feeling like such…

War, Rinse, Repeat

This week we have watched the complete “undoing” of all that had been done by US troops in Afghanistan over the last twenty years. Within three days of our starting the withdrawal process (from a region some would argue that we never should have been in to begin with), the Taliban have quickly seized back…

Confessions of a Karen in Recovery

At this point, unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have heard the term “Karen” used to describe a certain type of white woman. But just in case… “Karen is a pejorative term used in the US and other English speaking countries for a woman perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of…

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

With the arrival of Covid-19, our lives, as we once knew them, have abruptly ceased to exist. Homes have been turned into schools and offices (for those of us lucky enough to still have jobs), simple nights out on the town to grab a bite to eat are now a distant memory, and the vast…

Chasing Windmills

Most who knew Scott Ledger knew him as “Ledge” the “radio personality,” as did I initially. I was, however, eventually fortunate enough to get to know Scott Legere the man. One in the same, yes – but also two separate entities, equally unique, both one of a kind. I was first introduced to “Ledge” as…

Born Near the 4th of July

Upon reaching the event, we were greeted by a large likeness of Trump tweeting from a toilet, complete with audio which consisted of various gems like “I am a stable genius,” sprinkled in with an occasional long, loud farting noise. The beloved “Baby Trump Blimp” was there, too (which had to be tied to the ground because, well, “freedom”). The atmosphere for the most part was light. Of course, you had the random assholes walking over to start their ignorant “build the wall” chants and display some other general buffoonery, but eventually they moved on….

To Vote or Not to Vote: The Ramblings of a Disillusioned Anarchist

This last election, as a New Yorker, I knew that my vote had already
been cast. I was able to smugly write in my all-time favorite (very
dead) journalist, “Hunter S Thompson.” I know it’s been said a million
times before, but in these midterms, there is just too much at stake for me
to “sit it out.” As a friend of a friend most eloquently stated,
“sometimes the lesser of two evils is way less evil.”

Anthony Bourdain: Pain is Personal

The truth is, we are all more fragile than we would like to believe. Even the Punk Rock Chef, who had a lust for adventure, an insatiable curiosity about the world, and who taught us the importance of breaking bread with people who live in far away places (particularly with those we have been conditioned to fear), had his limits.

We Are Violence

Not even a week has passed, and I needed to google “Florida Shooting.” I couldn’t seem to remember what day it happened…was it a Monday, or a Friday? It feels like it’s been at least a week, but after all the gun debate articles littered page after page of my search, I gave up. The great American…


“We do not bring promises, we do not bring anything to give away, more than the heart, more than sweat, more than the effort of each day. It has been a difficult road because people no longer believe in anything and are tired of hearing promises. That is why we are not promising things. We are launching a call to the organization of society, to a union that goes beyond elections. This is the moment of youth, of childhood, of women. It is time for us to be aware that we can move forward together.”

~ Maria “Marichuy” de Jesus Patricio Martinez