The Greatest Gift

As a child, like most, I loved Christmas and presents. Even though my mom was poor she always went above and beyond. I remember one year she put a pair of Sasson jeans on lay-away for what seemed like months. When I finally got them I was so happy – but I immediately tore them while roller skating. The girls at school made fun of me when I kept wearing them – but I continued to do so, patch and all.

At some point I began to feel sorry for those other girls… because I understood that the only worth they felt came from their clothes. My mom may have been broke, but she taught me that my worth came from within.

So buy your kids gifts this Christmas, but remember that they are fleeting. Teaching them empathy, kindness and love towards all humanity is the greatest gift you can give to them – and to the world.

Author: Cynthia Cone is a heavily tattooed Ex-Con with no college education and very bad punctuation. She currently lives on Long Island, NY where she pays extremely high taxes, likes to drink, rage against the machine and shop at the GAP.

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