Anthony Bourdain: Pain is Personal

The truth is, we are all more fragile than we would like to believe. Even the Punk Rock Chef, who had a lust for adventure, an insatiable curiosity about the world, and who taught us the importance of breaking bread with people who live in far away places (particularly with those we have been conditioned to fear), had his limits.

In The Beginning Was Fear

In the beginning was fear—the fear that everything that has a body experiences once it realizes we live in a predatory universe; a universe in which absolutely everything gets to be eaten… if not by the sharp fangs of a predator, then by time itself. And Fear became our God. And it began to rule over our lives, shrink our willingness to dare, and rob us of the beauty of it all.

Like a Great Angry Bird

Mortality is a great heavy weight dangling over each and every one of us. It’s poised to strike us down when we are either least or most prepared for it. It doesn’t care. It’s part of life. I hate tragedy. This is when mortality’s strike is the most painful – when suddenly and unexpectedly it…