The Only Thing More Important Than Liberty… and how it applies to Charlottesville

The crimes of the American government are not lost on me, and neither should they be on you.  These certainly are trying and tumultuous times.  The whole world is in upheaval, and there are many desperate situations which need attention.  Certainly, something’s gotta give and big changes need to occur – this much is true.

We Were Friends, Me and This Old Man

When I was home on leave, we would sit together and swap army stories. We were the only military veterans in my family, with the exception of my paternal grandfather who was a navigator on a bomber in the Pacific theater during WWII. But he died when I was young, maybe ten or eleven.
I called the old man Papo, a name that came from my inability to say “grandpa” as a two year old. It stuck. To all of his grandkids after me, he would be known as Papo. His real name was Richard Lee Wills, Sr.

Jim Crow Christians In A Rainbow Melting Pot

I’ve written much at Chaos Section about my personal evolution from a formerly socially conservative licensed fundamentalist minister who took up with the religious right, to my current viewpoint as a libertarian and agnostic atheist.  I’ve shared with any readers who care to read about how I feel well-positioned as a critic of religious encroachments…