Identity Politics: The New Fundamentalism

For years, my friends and I have been discussing how great it would be if a true political outsider, not beholden to the entrenched political norm, would somehow find a way to circumvent the establishment and come to power. Well, that just happened. Fuck…

We Were Friends, Me and This Old Man

When I was home on leave, we would sit together and swap army stories. We were the only military veterans in my family, with the exception of my paternal grandfather who was a navigator on a bomber in the Pacific theater during WWII. But he died when I was young, maybe ten or eleven.
I called the old man Papo, a name that came from my inability to say “grandpa” as a two year old. It stuck. To all of his grandkids after me, he would be known as Papo. His real name was Richard Lee Wills, Sr.