Why I’m Anti-Feminist, But Also Anti-Meninist

  FOR THE PAST several years I have been extremely outspoken about my loathing for radical feminism and feminists. Being a guy who has no shame in being a guy, I can’t help but notice the emasculation and shaming of men in the modern Western world just for being men. I’m tired of seeing unenlightened mental dwarfs like rap industry pass-around Amber Rose and notorious cry-wolf feminist celebrity Anita Sarkeesian having huge speaking platforms and spewing pure unchecked anti-male hate propaganda to uninformed, dim-witted people, causing unfathomable amounts of damage to not only the psyche of young males who are still trying to find their way in life and get a grasp on things when it comes to male/female relations, but also causing massive legal and financial damage to innocent young men who get trapped in these manipulative situations set up by both male and female feminists. The hardcore, die-hard feminists are attacking young women as well, trying to force them to not be women, but – like they have done to millennial men – shape them into these androgynous, hateful parrots who have no nuance, objectivity, or personality.

5 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die by Christina Hoff Sommers

Just about everything that is a part of the Feminist Holy Doctrine from “rape culture” to the “wage gap” has been completely and thoroughly debunked. The feminists have taken numbers and studies purposely out of context and created non-issue causes that are radically shoved in everyone’s faces. For the sake of time, I’d rather not go too far into detail beating a dead horse and proving feminist “facts” as bullshit. There are multiple credible sources online where you can find all the information about how feminists have twisted statistics in order to fit their narrative. With that said, the feminist movement has used bogus hot topics like “rape culture” to successfully infiltrate colleges and universities, where they now use terror-like bully tactics to ostracize and destroy the lives of anyone that stands in their way. Whether it is pulling fire alarms in buildings where their opposition is meeting (which is a crime), storming events and not allowing people with whom they disagree to speak, making false legal accusations to tie people up in the legal system (also a crime), or just slandering people online – with the hopes that the typical social media air-head will blindly share their posts – it can’t be more obvious that the tactics these people use to further their agenda are morally and ethically reprehensible, as well as irresponsible.

Newton’s 3rd law of motion states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This applies not only to motion, but to sociological behavior as well. Often we hear in politics about the analogy of “the pendulum that swings left to right.” Radical causes are no different. As a direct result of radical feminism and their oppression of both men and women who don’t subscribe to their one-sided ideologies, a new counter movement has formed that is both satirical and vengeful. Its called “Meninism.” Both men AND women are seeing the mental illness of the radical feminists and are tired of being bullied both physically and mentally by androgynous, post-pubescent, college-aged children who have no real life experience, but do have a lifetime of forced indoctrination.

As someone who likes to think that I am a fairly reasonable and logical person, I can already see how “Meninism” will potentially become a very bad thing – in the same way that modern, radical feminism has – if it isn’t brought back to reality, as it’s popularity has grown in recent times. I see it as another avenue for division in society, and we already have enough “groups” that promote division. For now, the counter-movement is still what I’d classify as satirical in nature, much like The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. However, people are frustrated, and – to put it bluntly – when frustration turns to desperation, radical ideas are born. You can’t tell men that having sexual desires for women is “RAPE!” You can’t tell young men that striking up a conversation with a woman they are interested in is “RAPE!!” Rape is a violent and serious crime that often leaves victims mentally traumatized for life, and the feminist trivialization of the word is hurting REAL rape victims. We humans are no different from many other animals on this planet. We have mating rituals and ways of finding a partner – even if just for a night – that have absolutely NOTHING to do with seeking out violence (as the feminists would have everyone believe).

It’s Time to End “Rape Culture” Hysteria by Caroline Kitchens


Also, as a matter of personal observations, women seem to hate this new version of ‘beta male’ that the feminist movement has produced in the modern age. There is nothing appealing to most women about soft, indecisive, needy, overly emotional “men.” Magazines and marketing firms have used the overly feminized male figure as a psychological gimmick to sell products to women. In the same way that corporations use partially clothed women to sell their products to men, big names like Cosmopolitan Magazine and MTV use an unrealistic image of males to peddle their shit to women. Male/female relationships – especially among millennials – are more unhealthy now than I have personally ever seen. And it is almost entirely a result of society forcing radical feminist doctrine on men, telling them not to be “men” and women not to be “women.” Make no mistake: this has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation or gender identity. It is entirely about the hurdles that both straight men and straight women are facing in the year 2016 by radical political zealots. According to several sources, a growing number of young men are choosing to stay single and checking out of society. And this is not simply because of their own shortcomings, be it physical traits or personality (of course that statement isn’t true in every case and many men do have legitimate shortcomings that make them who they are and unmarketable in this area). However, out of frustration comes desperation, followed by bad ideologies and beliefs. If certain radical aspects of our society keep telling men that they are somehow malevolent by nature, then our society will get a rude awakening when enough men start to believe that they are inherently “bad” and the consequences will be bitterness and resentment on both sides, followed by political movements demanding more rights for themselves and fewer rights for others.

I don’t want to live in a society where hordes of men could once again say things like “women shouldn’t vote,” or “women shouldn’t have equal opportunity” while wielding large amounts of political power, but the recipe for that potential societal wildfire is most definitely brewing among the masses of people getting more and more frustrated, bitter, and loathsome as a direct result of their own social oppression. Do I find a lot of the comedy and banter that comes out of the Meninist movement funny? Yes, no question about it. And many of the jabs that the Meninist movement takes at the Feminists are pretty spot on. However, do I want to see a real Meninist political movement like the radical Feminists of today? Absolutely not.

A continuous cycle of bigotry only breeds more bigotry. What we need to do is stop over-dramatizing “issues” that aren’t real issues and stop blaming entire groups of people for the reprehensible actions of individuals. If you need to “blame” someone, blame the guilty parties for the problems they have caused, not the innocent bystanders.

Author: Jay Gondolfo is a 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comedy, and music.

Contact Jay at jaygondolfo@gmail.com

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