When I Was Poor

When I was temporarily poor, something awakened in me. I shed the old skin of being a capitalist and feeling that one could just “elevate themself if they weren’t lazy.”

I fully understood the evils of corporations that the far-right – for some reason – doesn’t quite understand, nor do they seem willing to try. I was freshly booted from the Military for a back injury and left to fight on my own. One day I had a pay check, the next day I was up shit creek waiting on the VA to do the right thing and compensate me for the injuries I sustained while working for Uncle Sam. 

I remember the phone calls I made, begging my power and water companies not to shut off my utilities. To just give me a little more time. I remember how some of the customer service reps were cold and heartless, while others offered me their prayers, because their hands were tied. I remember the threats from my mortgage company. 

I remember it all. The lack of humanity, the lack of empathy, the inability for normal people to have a soul because of this evil corporate existence that is modern America, where there is no more small business; it’s only Verizon and Walmart, and their employees all have their marching orders to follow and enforce… or else they will end up jobless and poor too. 

From then on I realized that I am neither a conservative nor a liberal – I am a human being, and goddamnit, I will fight for any other decent human being, regardless of where they are from or what they look like. 

I am no longer poor. But I will fight my hardest to prevent this cycle from happening to future generations.

Author: Anonymous 


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