A Generation Of Narcissism

Let’s face it, we are a generation of fucking narcissists. We are what the past 50 years of corporate advertising has made us. We are the products they sell us, the political machine they’ve indoctrinated us into; the creatures of purely self absorbed minds with little or no regard for anything or anyone unless there is a spotlight to feed our vain, soulless, and adventureless lives.

Some people deny evolution, but I say we are living proof of it, especially psychologically. In less than 50 years we as a people -mainly Americans- have gone from a society where we valued our families and our neighbors, our lovers and our friends, to a society of drama seeking, self-important, egocentric, megalomaniacs who feel everything and everyone is expendable except for our own selfish needs.

What ever happened to being humble and doing something for the greater good, knowing that your sacrifice made a difference in another’s life? Why do we need to display our life’s stories as though they matter more than someone else’s? Why can’t we just do kind deeds because of the feeling of warmth we get from it? That is, without needing to make a hidden camera video on YouTube and Facebook for “likes.” Why can’t someone see a homeless person and give that person money or food without a camera present so the video can be shared a million times by other soulless and boring narcissists who will never lift a finger to help another living creature except themselves?

However, it’s not just good deeds that “must” be displayed. Its also a pathetic attitude that finds anything and everything offensive. I cannot think of a better example of how disgustingly sick we are than just this past week alone. We had a major historical achievement for both science and mankind by the landing of a space vehicle on a comet. The media coverage of this historic event was unbelievably dwarfed by a brainless and narcissistic pseudo-celebrity showing her ass on a magazine cover, as well as a firestorm of angry feminazis (feminists) complaining about the “offensive” shirt of Scientist Matt Taylor, who landed said vehicle on the comet. The shirt, by the way, was made as a gift by a female for this scientist…
When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, the people of the world were in awe at the sheer majesty of such an amazing feat of human achievement. Not even 50 years later, we are so dumbed down and closed minded that we ignore something so beautiful to aggrandize such ugliness and ignorance.

Maybe I’m asking too much from mankind. Maybe I am and always was an outsider in how I view this strange thing we call “life.” Maybe I’m not a “normal” human being and those who are vain, selfish, and devoid of intellectual thought are in fact what a human is supposed to be.

Quite often I am told by those who don’t appreciate hearing the truth that I am “angry .” For the longest time, I refused to acknowledge it and said that I wasn’t angry, but the truth is that I was lying to myself and those passing judgement upon me. So, yes, I am angry, I am fucking drained and frustrated at a level that I cannot coherently articulate. I see what beauty we are all capable of, and I see how we piss it all away for money, fame, and meaningless recognition. I see how we are capable of landing a man-made vehicle on a fucking comet, and I see how so many people couldn’t possibly care less. We are a completely boring generation raised by spoiled and greedy baby boomers who fed and nurtured this disgusting mentality that plagues the minds of so many like a fucking virus.

We have no more dreams, we have no more ambitions. We are like the equivalent of soggy plain oatmeal; bland in taste and unappealing in substance.

In truth, I don’t know why I am writing this. I know it will fall on deaf ears in a broad sense. Some may even think this is a “confession” encoded with idioms and metaphors, or a half-assed social “manifesto” of a guy who is about to go postal. People will always come to their own conclusions, but even if people do read this and come up with the wrong conclusion, at least they gave it some thought. And if someone does read this and say to themselves, “Holy fuck, what am I doing with my life, why do I live my life based on out-doing others for attention and keeping up with this nonsense that the media and corporate advertisements feed me just so I can fit in to modern social scene?!” then that is progress in my book.

Until then, fuck you all.

Author: Johnny Truth


One thought on “A Generation Of Narcissism

  1. I read it, I made fun of my own interpretation of it, I know how authors feel when critics do the narcissist thing and I passionately hate it, because I know how it feels to me, and I scientifically remember that other humans are with an 0.00000001% identical mathematical proportional relationship to me. I want to be narcissistic for the species, if I can, which is probably the most adapted altruism can be today if what we are feeling is true. I sense my life, you perceive my words, but I’ve encountered deeper levels, they take time and they take commitment but they are possible. Thank you for your pain. I listened.

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