‘Merica: Land of the Dumb?

Just how dumb are Americans? The evidence appears to be mounting by the day. If it’s not people who think Godzilla is real in California, then it’s the ultra-nationalists who think the United States flag should be worshiped as a religious cult idol.

No matter what, I cant seem to escape the fucking stupidity! It’s as if I’m living out the plot to the Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy. All I need to for it to be reality is a T.V. show actually titled “Ow My Balls!” and then I will be convinced that Mike Judge is a true prophet.

So, why am I ranting now? I’ll tell you why, it’s because I’m sick of stupid people… I’m sick of shallow minded morons who know how to swipe a credit card and tout their idiocy on social media, but cant hold an intelligent conversation (let alone an intellectual thought) if their lives depended on it.
What set me off today was that a celebrity on Facebook (Mila Jovovich) posted a harmless photo of herself with an American flag – and all these “Patriots” were just SO upset by her using the flag (a piece of dyed cloth made in China) that they trashed her on her page for “bein’ disrespectful to Uh-muricah”. That was today. Yesterday it was listening to the outcry of complete morons over this shooting in California. Apparently the far-left is seeing this as a perfect opportunity to try to get guns banned (again) and completely ignoring the fact we have an out of control mental health problem that’s only getting worse. I’m not a doctor of psychology, but it doesn’t take Sigmund-Fucking-Freud to figure out that this killer was beyond fucked up in the head or – most crucially – what the root cause of his mental illness was. I’ll get back to the Virgin California Killer in a minute. But first I need to finish with the other situations that pissed me off. There was Jimmy Kimmel, who has this funny, yet horrific skit for his show called “Lie Witness News,” where people from his show pose as local news reporters and ask random people ridiculous questions that you would think a 5-year-old could answer… but sadly, no. These people are imbeciles and the fact that they have the neurological capabilities to walk bipedal is a scientific wonder. Jimmy’s “Lie Witness News” crew went around L.A. telling people that Godzilla was real and asking them about their opinion of the new movie “based on reality,” and sure as shit, these simpletons didn’t use one fraction of a percent of their brains and left the interview thinking Godzilla was an historical event. Finally, the story that set me off before Godzilla, before the Virgin California Killer and before dumb “Patriots” getting angry at Mila Jovovich, involved the Molon Labe crowd… again. The Molon Labe crowd is back at it, going into private fast food restaurants with AK’s and AR’s just to show how cool they are – and how they are standing up for your rights!

I’ve already penned an article about the Molon Labe morons, so I won’t get too detailed here, but these simple-minded hicks were taking photos of themselves, and as comically (or sadly) stereotypical as it was, several of them who were sporting super tactical rifles and camo were morbidly obese… nothing says “I fight for freedom” like a 350 pound guy with ankle fat pouring over his sneakers who frequents a slave driving fast food corporation that sells poison food and doesn’t pay their workers anything next to reasonable wages, such as McDonald’s… Yeah, keep chugging that extra-large Sprite to help unclog your esophagus from that half-chewed Big Mac you practically swallowed whole there, Billy-Ray. Wouldn’t want a battle hardened war fighter like you to do a “tactical” drill with your militia brothers-in-arms while suffering indigestion…
As for the Mila Jovovich situation, all I can really say is how fucking ironic that the same people who ripped on her for posting the flag photo are too fucking simple-minded to remember that the exact same flag is supposed to represent FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION!

I would get into Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” interviews, but my sentiment and ultimate point about stupid people – and what causes them – can be fully expressed in the next topic; Elliot Rodger: The Killer Virgin.

By now everyone has heard about this bizarre individual Elliot Rodger who made a series of beyond creepy videos and then went on a killing rampage. Elliott Rodger was a monster created by plastic, shallow, materialistic, American society. If you watch this creepy little shit’s videos, he tells you exactly why he did what he did and based off of his own admissions, you can tell where the root cause of behavior like his stems from… his behavior is an ever-growing pattern in people who feel completely disconnected from other humans. He felt that he needed to dress in expensive clothes and drive a BMW just to be attractive to the opposite sex. He felt because he was a 22-year-old virgin that he was somehow less human. Personally, I feel Elliott Rodger is a pathetic life form who should have killed himself years ago. He’s a pathetic rich boy who was spoiled rotten and instead of being given possessions, he should have been given a few good whacks with a belt – Elliott Rodger is the face of modern materialistic consumer America. He is a byproduct of a society that subliminally tells you that you are nothing more than an expendable cash dispenser and openly tells you, “You aren’t good enough! You’re too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too poor, too out of style,” etc. Go into a grocery store or a doctor’s office and look at the magazines on the shelf or the table, or the daytime gossip show on the TV. We are fucking nuts! America is one giant cesspool and the greatest gift from “God” would be a fucking meteor slamming directly into the center of this nation so it can flush all this trash down a cosmic shithole.

But I digress… I don’t want you all to think I’m the next Elliott Rodger. Apparently everything I just said about consumerism and shallow vanity, the ultra leftists don’t see it that way – they see it as: “The NRA caused another gun death and we need to act now to get stricter gun laws made!” Just thinking about their whining is giving me a headache, so I’ll state some blatant facts:

1) Elliott Rodger stabbed 3 people to death before he ever went on a shooting rampage.

2) Elliott Rodger was taking SSRI’s a.k.a. Psychotropic medications.

3) Nowhere in Elliott Rodger’s videos does he even mention the NRA.

4) California is one of the strictest gun control states in the country.

So there you have it folks. We are a shallow, materialistic, dumb and gullible society who gets angry if someone uses their colored, Chinese-made cloth artistically, even though the very first thing that colored cloth represents is the freedom to do whatever anyone wants with it; We think Godzilla is real; We think morbidly obese rednecks storming fast food chains with AK and AR rifles is an act of patriotism; And finally, we think there are no mental health issues and that these mass killings are all just the NRA’s fault and that shallow consumerism is completely normal.

That about sums it up… Need I say more?

Author: John Smith is a 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comedy, and music.

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