Halloween with Duncan Trussell

A Halloween message from your friend, Duncan Trussell:

It’s Halloween…and most of you are aware of the fact that this holiday was originally called Samhain and that the door of the spirit world opened up and fairies and spirits were most active during the night of Halloween and the preceding days. So, this is probably a really good time to safely and responsibly enjoy some form of psychedelic – you can try chomping mushrooms – if you’re one of those people who likes being swarmed or possessed or swam through by inter-dimensional, hyper-dimensional, super-dimensional, extra-dimensional entities.

I love this holiday. I mean of all the holidays – I’m not saying I love it – I’m not a “Halloween guy.” I’m not marching up and down my street dressed in a superhero outfit throwing candy at kids. But I do like this holiday compared to other holidays. Because it hasn’t gotten pasteurized by the fundamentalist Christian patented “defunning” machine that has managed to extract the core purpose of almost every amazing holiday and replace it with their own dull and boring, “Reason for the Season!”

Most holidays were supposed to be mystical parties that involved ample portions of psychedelics and Dionysian style forest orgies where you’d have sex with your pals while being possessed by entities – not boring gift exchanges or times where you feign gratitude to an invisible, homophobic, sexually repressive jock-god because you got a two dollar raise at Best Buy.

But Halloween has somehow managed to maintain the wildness of the old days, and it freaks Christians out! And anything that upsets the Cult of Loon Loon makes me happy. Anything that freaks out the followers of the world-destroying, child-murdering desert god is a good thing in my book. Because no matter how freaky Halloween is, you’re not going to get freakier than an entire religion based on people worshiping a child sacrifice – not just any child – but The Child of the Angry Being that created the entire planet. Now, that’s a freakish, literalist interpretation of a very deep, metaphysical, beautiful religion, but a lot of people follow it that way. And they’re freaks! In a way, Christianity is kind of like Jewish Voodoo – because Voodoo is a combination of Christianity mixed with African religion – and in the same way, Christianity is Judaism mixed in with this crazy, old, old religion, a lot of people say it dates back to Egyptian times, and that it’s really the worship of Horus. But you can look that stuff up. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s fun to think about. And there’s some pretty easy to read Wikipedia pages about it if you want to be lazy and check out comparisons between Horus and Jesus.

Anyway, Halloween is awesome, so get out there and have fun! Wear your mask in the spirit is was originally intended: as an occult device through which the archetypical forces of Chaos can temporarily take over your body, freeing you from karmic reactions and allowing you to fully become the hidden facets of your personality – specifically a slutty nurse or coked-up Hunter S. Thompson. And while you’re wearing the mask, keep in mind one of my favorite Ram Dass quotes, “We are all God in Drag.” And consider the idea that your body and ego are just a temporary, hyper-dimensional flesh mask being worn by infinity so that it can fully experience this particular node of the multiverse without getting bogged down by the inconvenience of being completely omniscient and unlimited, which no doubt gets boring after a few trillion years of being able to do everything.

So have fun! Slurp back some psychedelics… safely! And have some orgies… safely!

Happy Haloween!

– From Episode 47 of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, a weekly podcast where Duncan and a guest explore a wide range of topics, including art, society, politics, religion, and much more. I hope you guys will go by and check out his show if you aren’t already a fan!



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