Kokesh, Agent Kokesh

As many of you may have heard, YouTube and podcast show host Adam Kokesh from Adam Vs. The Man has just been arrested for a video of him with a shotgun in Washington DC. Kokesh has been an outspoken activist for a few years now. He had an awesome show on Russia Today, he was a prominent member of Iraq Veterans Against The War, did some great work exposing the police state with his famous Jefferson Memorial Dance protest (among others), spoke out against our ridiculous drug war and attended several protests, helped organize the Veterans for Ron Paul march on Washington DC, and he was a passionate and active Ron Paul supporter in the 2012 election. Kokesh also had his flaws of poor judgement that ended up costing him countless supporters in the struggle to live in a free society that is protected against government tyranny. He marched with and supported Code Pink, a radical left-wing, anti-war movement as well as rubbed shoulders with a few other shady characters who really did not share his views in freeing the nation from government tyranny, but were against the wars overseas (Kokesh later addressed this mistake and explained that his involvement with Code Pink was solely based on his anti-war stance and has publicly criticized Code Pink as well as others for being hypocrites as soon as Obama took office). Kokesh has also made a few videos with active duty and National Guard units where he abrasively ambushed them with cameras asking them questions that he as a Marine Corps veteran already knows that these men cannot answer without disciplinary actions being taken against them if their commands were to see the videos. Kokesh made several anti military/war videos that while accurate, they were not tactfully delivered in ways that would make an on-the-fence veteran who may have had their best friends killed in front of them look at his videos, like the video Chris Hayes Is A Coward & The Troops Are Suckers, and agree with what he was saying. If anything, it turned them off permanently. Kokesh also used pot and DMT on his show, as well as supported the 9/11 truth movement, which turned many people away, including the Ron Paul campaign that he worked so hard to promote. Adam’s most recent mistake was trying to organize an armed march on Washington DC, cancelling it, and then making a video of himself loading a shotgun while giving a short statement that ultimately led to his arrest.

Adam, like all of us, is human. He made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes, but what separates a guy like Adam from a guy like me is my mistakes are known by only a few and are easily forgiven; his are known by thousands and now with media coverage, possibly millions… and the vast majority of those people are idiots. Due to his semi-fame, these flaws in judgement have kicked the door wide open for conspiracy theorists to run wild and actually convince people of complete and utter bullshit. (To be completely honest, I almost have a fear of becoming well-known for the possibility of rumors that simpletons will believe and spread about me…) At first it was the Christian neo-conservative Republicans (AKA The Tea-Baggers) who were offended by his stance as an atheist libertarian – and in textbook Christian neo-conservative Republican fashion – accused Adam of being a communist and a Russian KGB agent. Their evidence for this claim: Adam worked for RT (Russia Today). Now as simple-minded as this may sound, quite a few people believed it. After the Christian neo-cons, it was the insane radical leftists in the 99% who began bashing Adam just because 99% of the 99% are completely retarded and didn’t like that Adam was making them aware of that fact. Adam made many videos exposing people to just how severely retarded these people in the Occupy movement really were and as a result, he was outcast and branded as an official enemy of the 99%. Then it was the neo-Nazis who began attacking Adam. This intellectual demographic, the Nazis, accused Adam of being “A dirty Jew agent who works for the Zionists.” Like most idiots who claim racial superiority, these simple-minded, combat boot wearing knuckleheads had absolutely no evidence to back their claims what so ever (I know right? Who would have guessed that white trash, er, I mean white warriors from Missouri could have possibly been passing bullshit propaganda as facts like their heroes from 1936 Germany?) And now we have the motherload, the creme de la creme of paranoid, conspiracy subscribing, knuckleheads who have a lusting desire to be Navy Seals or Delta Force operatives… but never quite made the cut. Some are prior service, but “got injured during BUDS” or “Special Forces selection” or “Force Reconnaissance selection,” etc. The others “Just never got around to enlisting” but want to live the tactical rock star militia lifestyle. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am talking about The Molon Labe crowd, The tacti-cool crew who dress up in thousands of dollars in tacti-cool equipment and play GI Joe on weekends. As a passionate gun rights supporter myself, these people make me both applaud them and palm my forehead in hopelessness at the same time. Their arguments for gun rights are spot on… Their theories on government takeover as well as their asinine campaign against Adam Kokesh are intellectually painful for anyone with critical thinking abilities. The Molon Labe crowd is convinced that Adam is a government plant who was sent here to get as many “patriot” names as possible as well as bring on the 2nd American Revolution where the government will enact martial law and arrest all the “real patriots and gun owners.” Their proof for this theory: Adam was less then honorably discharged from the USMC, had a show on RT, marched with Code Pink, is a Communist (which he is not, he is an anarcho-capitalist), and cancelled the 4th of July armed march on Washington DC…

Now, I have been a fan of Adam’s for a few years and I feel over the past year and a half he has gone little over the deep edge, almost like he’s trying to attract a more Alex Jones type audience rather than an intellectual one, but hey, it’s his show, and I still listen on occasion and give criticism when I disagree. Due to the fact I have listened to Kokesh’s show for the past several years I can debunk just about every conspiracy theory claim against him. Here are the facts about Adam Kokesh:

Adam is not a Communist or a socialist, he is probably one of the most outspoken anarcho-capitalists I can think of. Those who do not know the difference should look it up.

Adam is not a KGB agent… If I really need to explain why then you are truly an imbecile.

Adam is not a leftist, nor is he a right-winger. He has made himself very clear on his views towards both sides of the political spectrum and viciously attacked both sides on many occasions.

Adam did march with Code Pink, however, Adam also later criticized Code Pink for their hypocrisy of not being anti-war post 2008, their love for Obama, and their radical anti gun stance.

Adam on several occasions has spoken about his discharge from the USMC and as a vet myself, I would not call his actions “less than honorable,” In fact, I think the Molon Labe crowd might call his disciplinary shit storm complete and utter bullshit on the part of the USMC.

I’m not even going to address the “Zionist” claim. Adam has bashed Israel a number of times for their crimes against humanity

Adam was gathering names for the 4th of July march, but he was doing it for a head count to see if his brainchild could get the numbers to make a national impact. When he couldn’t get the numbers and saw the infighting of his own minions as well as the Molon Labe crowd criticism, he cancelled the march.

That is about it…

To make myself very clear, I am not an Adam Kokesh groupie. I am a fan of his show, especially his older shows, but when I feel he is wrong I won’t kiss his ass, I will openly say he is wrong. I think Adam started to become a little bit of an ego maniac and started doing things more for attention than a cause. From the very beginning I thought Adam’s march on Washington DC was a dumb idea, and his “friends” should have talked him out of it rather than encouraged it. I feel Adam making this video that could very well land him in prison was beyond an idiotic idea and, once again, I feel his “friends” should have done all in their power to stop him from doing this video. Now that the reality has set in and Kokesh is in the custody of the same corrupt criminals he speaks out against every day, what good will come out of this? Nothing! Adam will now sit in a jail cell for months, possibly years, waiting for a trail that he handed a prosecutor on a silver, gold, and platinum platter. Meanwhile in the outside world, no laws will change, the police state wont change or ease up, the government will still be the cheating crooks they have always been, Obama, congress, and senate will continue to sign illegal bills into law, the NSA will still be tapping our phones, and life will go on, and nobody other than Adam’s close friends and family will know he’s gone. Adam’s fans will continue their lives as normal, and as soon as football season kicks off – or American Idol, or some other moronic distraction that keeps the American population apathetic and care free – the rest of “Uh-merica” won’t even have the faintest clue about a video of a guy in DC loading a shotgun.

Do I feel Adam should be in jail right now? NO! In my opinion he committed no crime and was well within his constitutional right. However, the laws of DC and the DC parks service don’t see it that way and they will slam him with everything they’ve got. No amount of marching or White House petitions will get him off these charges. Adam could very well spend the next few years in prison, and believe me, if anyone thinks he will come out of prison the same person, they are sorely mistaken. All I can say is this: I hope the best for Adam Kokesh and I hope he is somehow able to beat these charges.

Author: Jay Gondolfo is 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comedy, and music.

Contact Jay at jaygondolfo@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Kokesh, Agent Kokesh

  1. I have sympathy for Adam Kokesh, but he’s a self-destructive attention whore who’s begging for martyrdom. Unhappily, that all doesn’t help. He can’t do subtle, he can’t do clean — in what should have been a fight for RKBA, he got arrested on drug charges. I like you, Adam, but you’re fucking stupid.


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