Revolutionary Acts of Inspiration

I hope the 4th of July is fun for others.  I still smile when I think of how much fun kids of all ages must be having today out on the lakes and in backyards.  It’s great to go tubing, listen to some classic rock, barbecue, and get too much sun.  Top it off with some fireworks and roasted marshmallows, and apple pie starts sounding like something that’s being outsourced overseas now.

Apparently, the VA is unusually full this time of year, especially with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients.  Of course, the amount of vets who check in for service-related psych problems around the 4th of July will not be the story the mainstream media will talk about while there are so many politicians kissing each others’ asses at political fundraising events masquerading as Independence Day celebrations.  In fact, the political machine in America on this day will be sure that there is enough phony stars-and-stripes waving hoopla blaring like a banshee everywhere that no story about how a majority of Americans (according to the polls) have supported American military withdrawal from Afghanistan now for several years. They’re not going to talk about how some of us peons out here who just aren’t smart enough to figure out how these fucktard politicians in D.C. can arm Al Qaeda in Syria and not think about just how bad they’re pissing off people like me who have been shot at by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  By the way, an interesting little piece of history there is that the U.S. government armed the Mujahideen (including future Al Qaeda such as Osama Bin Laden) in Afghanistan to drive out the soviet Russian occupiers in the 1980’s.  Are these same ass-clown politicians like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, & Barack Obama going to volunteer to be the tip of the spear in the ground invasion when all of our unconstitutional and ill-advised military interventions overseas comes back to bite us in the ass and they decide to invade Syria?  Or, if not Syria, maybe Iran, or Egypt, or even Yemen.  But, that’s another subject for another time, and the fireworks are making it more difficult for me to hold my hands still enough to type.  TP patriotic duty  I’m not going to cry in my fuckin’ cheerios, but I am going to scream at my stupid fucking federal government that it needs to back the fuck off the inalienable and natural Rights of the individuals of this beautiful country – and quit sending brave young American soldiers to die and be maimed in these aggressive actions that have nothing to do with defending the freedom of the United States.

Sometimes, things can look a bit dark.  Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration.  I find myself looking for inspiration.  Sometimes, I find inspiration.  Sometimes, I just have to go looking for it and find it on my own, wherever I can, and maybe not even relevant to anyone else but me.  The following recent bits of inspiration I’ve needed and found may not do anything for you, but they’ve each in their own way made a positive impact in my life recently.

I’m a drummer, enjoy the music of Chad Smith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and have a soft spot for amputees after meeting some courageous ones in the Army.  Cornel Hrisca-Munn was born without forearms, and is a personal inspiration:

I’m a veteran who volunteered to serve my country during a time of war because I believe so dearly in the importance of preserving the inalienable Rights which sparked the American revolution and were so eloquently stated in the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution.   I believe in speaking out for, dying for, and sometimes even defending those Rights with lethal force.  There is no room to compromise on your individual right to be your own armed security as protected by the 2nd Amendment.  I’ll take the guy in the following video over your silver-tongued shitbag politician any day, and you can keep the change – and the Obama hope.  Oh, that ass-hat in New York that doesn’t want kids to have sparklers to play with this year because he says Al Qaeda might use sparklers for terrorist attacks;  yeah, that Bloomberg numb-skull.  What a piece of shit the New York voters need to wipe off their collective shoe.  Just how much can one politician hate freedom?  I don’t know, but I think President Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, and Senators like Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer had all better pay attention that if one guy is willing to stand up and speak like this directly to government, then they better start paying fucking attention.  Aaron Weiss; I don’t know him, but if I ever meet him, the first beer is on me.  Some of us still admire a man who doesn’t mince words:


Independence Day 2013Finally; I have no idea who this lady is, but I love the pic.  I didn’t know what to do for Independence Day this year, especially with the rain.  Somehow, it just seems to fit the mood for this Independence Day.  Like the other day, when I caught myself telling a little kid who asked me about freedom how we “used to” live in a ‘free’ country.  Hmm….




All I know is that I can’t wait for the fireworks to end so that I’ll be able to get control of these anxiety-induced shakes again and get on with my own personal revolutionary way to say, “FUCK THE SYSTEM!  I’M INDEPENDENT!”  That is, the backyard revolution where I’m growing my first-year garden since watching family do it when I was a kid.  If only I had paid more attention to my Great Aunt Martha; now there’s somebody from whom one could have learned about rEVOLution.  The woman I came to know as Mamaw spent years working in an old tuberculosis hospital after coming up during the Great Depression and watching loved ones leave for Europe in WWII.  Then, she busied her life with social work, and raised as many kids as she saw whose parents didn’t want anything to do with them.  Once she retired from public work, she raised an acre-sized garden behind her house every year until the alzheimers disease got too bad and she needed constant care until her passing.  She would work almost all day and almost every day in that huge garden from the beginning of early crops until the end of late crops, canned and stored enough for all year, and gave away enough of the fruits of her labor to feed a small army.  If only I’d understood then what I understand now, maybe I would have been a more helpful grandson, but the memory of Mamaw’s example will live on.  This Independence Day, I’m as tempted to fly the American flag upside down as I am any other way when I think about how badly our runamuck elected political compost-kings in D.C. are hacking at the liberty-germinated roots which once made America a relatively free country, at peace with the world, and the freedom to pursue our own individual ideas of happiness and prosperity.  Instead of pulling the false patriotic wool over people’s eyes and candy-coating the dire nature of just what a threat America’s government is to America the free country, I’ve been working on a true-blue revolutionary act in the backyard where I pull weeds.  Instead of running up a flag which has lost the virtue of its’ meaning, I’m planting a sign in the ground that represents some kind of real meaning:



This Independence Day is somehow different.  Gary Johnson got that right in his recent piece in The Washington Times (  I think today is a good day to engage in a revolutionary act to celebrate the revolutionary acts performed by those who declared their independence from the British monarch.  For some, that may have been an open carry demonstration today, a flag-burning ceremony, a fireworks display, or standing up to some government bully.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking of standing barefoot in garden mud with my fist raised and demanding an addition to the 2nd Amendment to include the right to bear  rototillers.  Two pieces of property I’ve acquired that the government will not steal from me peacefully – my guns and my rototiller.  Regardless of whether or not you’re really feeling the celebration spirit for American Independence this year, I encourage to engage in your own revolutionary act of personal independence.



 Paul Fest  A.G. House is an Afghanistan war veteran and former licensed minister (UPCI), who has become an outspoken skeptic, peace activist, and involved himself in many other issues which he believes affect the individual freedoms of the people whose Constitutional Rights he took an oath to defend. He currently resides in the heart of Tennessee with his companion dog ‘Liberty,’ where he is recovering from PTSD and enjoys the therapeutic activities of gardening, creative writing, playing drum set, and other forms of artistic expression  \m/
















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