Killing Animals and Destroying Lives: The Thrills Of American Law Enforcement

Author’s note/disclaimer: What is written here is protected under the first amendment of the United States Constitution. No threats or encouraging of violence are being made towards any individuals, including law enforcement officers/agencies. The following is my personal and professional opinion as well as documented factual information about American law enforcement. Neither the author nor Chaos Section shall accept any responsibility for any actions of others should they misinterpret what is written here. The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Chaos Section; they are my own. ~John Smith

Jeff SalmonIf you haven’t heard by now from the viral video exploding on social media sites, police officers of the Hawthorne Police Department in California illegally arrested a man while slaughtering his 3-year-old Rottweiler. Leon Rosby, 52, was illegally arrested for filming police. Rosby’s dog, a 3-year-old Rottweiler named Max, was needlessly shot to death by Hawthorne Police Officer Jeff Salmon. This situation, if handled by intelligent police officers, could have been dealt with in an entirely different way. Instead, the cops arrested Robby in a manner that they knew would upset his dog and that they would then have an opportunity to kill the dog to emotionally torture Mr. Rosby as well as satisfy their need to end something’s life.

As a dog owner myself who raised my Boxer (Archer) from the time he was a shaky, fidgety, adorable puppy who was barely bigger than my hand; I don’t know how I would react to a monster with a badge brutally killing him for thrills. Saying I would heartbroken would be inadequate in describing the pain I would feel. I just may end up with a murder charge if God forbid that was to ever happen to me. Sadly situations like this are not rare in America. Over the past few years acts of sadism towards people of all backgrounds and ages as well as the killing of family pets have been on the rise. Many cases are even recorded on video. So why are police officers and sheriff’s deputies displaying behavior patterns similar to that of the patterns displayed by serial killers and mass murders? Why are they following in the footsteps of people psychologists would classify as having extreme anti social disorders, like sociopaths? The answer is because that mindset of being cold-hearted and guilt-free is what law enforcement in America is looking for. As America shapes its police forces into a para-military type organization, the mentality of merciless violence is destined to follow and destined to be sought after. Police forces are quickly throwing out the image of that friendly neighborhood cop who you knew by name and would even call a friend and replacing it with a hard charged, buzz-cut, adrenaline junkie who can’t wait to intimidate the weak and crack skulls in the name of the law. In seeking this kind of enforcer attitude law enforcement agencies have shot themselves in the foot over the past 20-30 years by using recruitment requirements that would disqualify applicants for unthinkable reasons, one of such is having an I.Q. score that is too high… Yes you heard that right, TOO HIGH. While that sounds like some loony Infowars conspiracy, shockingly, it’s true. Some states, like Connecticut, have been sanctioned by their supreme court to allow insane policies like the “too high I.Q.” rule to be authorized as lawful practice when recruiting new law enforcement officials. Some police departments like the notoriously corrupt NYPD has had a long stretch of hiring convicted felons, while other police departments, like New Orleans PD, have left a legacy of rape, murder, and thievery as a result of atrocious hiring standards. How can any sane person not see that these actions are a recipe for disaster? Thanks to these asinine policies, there is just no way of knowing how many incompetent and dangerous police officers are on our streets causing harm to innocent Americans as well as suspects who are in the process of being apprehended and those who have already been apprehended.

With situations that police and law enforcement have to deal with, it is a ticking time bomb to have men and women with the power to commit sanctioned violence who are not intellectually capable of critical thinking. It is even more dangerous to have men and women on your police forces who are not only mentally inept, but also get a positive adrenaline rush from causing physical and emotional pain to others.

That being said…

Lets go back to Leon Rosby’s horrific situation. The cops there knew he had a dog that is known for being a guard breed. They also knew that when Rosby put his dog in the car to talk to them without the dog, the windows were open enough for the dog to jump out. So what did they do? Did they tell Mr. Rosby to roll his windows up and then come talk to them? Of course not. Only a human being with intelligence who was not seeking trouble would do that. What the officers did was immediately and violently grab Rosby by his car and began violently pulling and pushing him in a manner that would make any dog come to the rescue of their owner, and then the thrill opportunity of a lifetime arose for a modern-day cop; the dog jumped out of the car. Rather than let Mr. Rosby control his dog, that was not initially being aggressive, they teased the dog by pulling and pushing Mr. Rosby more until the cops gave the dog a reason to lunge and they had justification to kill…

Pure ugliness of mankind at it’s finest.

I really had to sit back and ask myself why I am writing this dark and upsetting article, and the reason I’m writing this piece is because it is very rare that something hits me at a core level, and this video hit that core level and beyond. I’m usually pretty level-headed and logical about things so its rare I fall into the savage mob mindset. As a Coast Guard veteran I’ve seen dead bodies, I’ve seen people take their last breaths of life from traumatic injuries, and I’ve seen some pretty brutal injuries. None of those awful things that I have seen has ever effected me to the point of not sleeping with the exception of this video and a very select few other situations involving sadists abusing people or people torturing animals for a thrill. There is just something about being such a cowardly monster that would make someone sadistically abuse another or kill an innocent creature that hits an uncontrollable switch inside of me, and in this video, I saw both sadists and killers of the innocent.

So what are our options? Today they [Law enforcement officers] kill and torture animals and individuals, and most of the time they get off with not even so much as a suspension. As for tomorrow… what then? Will it be too much for people when corruption is so bad that cops laugh and tease civilians as they shoot people in the head on the streets because the law grants them such rights? That of course is an extremely far out there, hypothetical question that more than likely will never happen, BUT, it has happened before in advanced societies and it very well can happen again if power tips too far in one direction. As a result of the acceptable attitude law enforcement has towards officers who show this type behavior, it must not be tolerated by the citizens. The citizens of this country must come together in mass when a cop or any other person of power commits a crime of pure evil and demand that justice is served by ANY means necessary, even if it means violent actions must be taken to ensure the safety of yourself and others is intact. The U.S. Constitution guarantees all the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When the Bill of Rights was drafted, not a single founder agreed to that document under the impression that we would allow ourselves to willingly be ravaged by sick psychopaths with a need to bring harm on others. It is your duty as a citizen to take a stand and put an end to needles violence and hold monsters with badges accountable for their actions. And you can start by calling the Hawthorne Police Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney and demand that Officer Jeff Salmon and the other two officers who illegally arrested Leon Rosby be immediately fired and brought up on criminal charges.

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Author: John Smith is 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comedy, and music.

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