If Whitey Gets off, We Riot!

I am writing this piece out of tired frustration. I am tired of the racial divide in this country over the most trivial and idiotic issues. For this reason I am calling on the senior generation of black men and black women to grab your sacks and get control of the people who will be your legacy; the young generations of black Americans. Talk some sense into them. Make them understand that the injustice and cruelty you and your ancestors suffered are not anywhere near what the younger generations deal with today. Let them know that now more than ever they have a chance to succeed like never before in American history. Tell them to drop the anger of the past and move forward into the future. Tell them to learn to use their minds and idolize people who are intellectual giants not intellectual midgets. Tell them to rip the race card up and stop seeking pity, because it’s pathetic and only weaklings and cowards need pity as a crutch. Tell them to be warriors of their generation and take a stand without using the government as their salvation, because it is the government who is still enslaving them through purposely giving them poor education, letting police brutalize them to maintain the prison industrial complex, and feeding the mentality that they are owed something because of the color of their skin.

Why am I writing this? I am writing this because apparently there are quite a few black Americans who are threatening violence towards innocent people if they don’t get their way over a court case.

As we all are now made fully aware by our cowardly media who enjoys chaos and unrest for “A good story,” the trial of George Zimmerman is now underway. If you don’t know who George Zimmerman is by now than you probably were in a coma for the past two years. As this trial starts spinning up, it is obvious that blatant racism is being fueled by the corporate media and being devoured up by some ignorant black Americans. This is happening so badly that some black Americans are on social networking sites such as TWITTER and Facebook talking about how they are going to riot and loot if this man, George Zimmerman, is not found guilty.

As a white male and gun owner, here is my opinion of George Zimmerman; the man is a complete jackass. He is a moron with an inferiority complex, a dumb ass with a need to feel powerful and important and as a result of him being an imbecile, someone died, and because someone died because of his idiocy he deserves prison time. As for Trayvon Martin, most unbiased reports of Martin paint him as trouble, his death was tragic and his killer deserves prison time, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking Trayvon Martin was destined to cure cancer or bring about world peace. The cold hard truth is a life was ended needlessly. Another dose of cold truth is this, if the media never mentioned the name Trayvon Martin, not a single one of these idiots hoping for a chance to riot would have even known someone named Trayvon Martin ever existed. Not a single human being on this planet besides the family and friends of Martin and Zimmerman was personally affected by this case in any way. Its just that the media is telling people it does affect them… so they can drive ratings. Every single day young black men kill each other in our nations worst ghettos. Black kids die every day as a result of a culture of violence being socially acceptable. Generstions of ignorant people are breeding and encouraging their offspring to be even more ignorant than they are. So where is the media and the outrage when a black child dies as a result of gang violence in Chicago, or Baltimore, or North Charleston, or Los Angeles, etc.? Where are the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of America saying what an outrage it is that cowards and thugs are holding entire cities of innocent black people hostage? Where is the cry for help and protection for young black boys and girls from the gangs that will try recruit them and one day kill them?

The answer to all of those questions is simple – helping black people in the ghetto doesn’t make a profit for corporate rich people. Since no profit can be made by shedding light on what is happening in the ghettos, media and race baiters use another method, and that is enticing racial hatred. Since most Americans of all races and ethnic groups are dumb, what better way to get ratings and turn a profit than by using something that will catch everyone’s attention: creating a narrative of white vs. black.

Black Americans are being manipulated by rich people in the media, the government, and their own communities. They are telling you what to think and how to think. They are telling you that white people want to enslave and abuse you when in fact it is rich corporate scum that is using your emotions to keep you in chains and bondage.

I feel its time as Americans that we all put the cards on the table and have our long overdue discussion about race in America as well as call our society out for what it really is… We are among the most moronic technically advanced society on this planet. We are nation of racially divided morons who are getting dumber by the day as well as itching for a reason to commit violence towards one and other. At some point, we as Americans need to draw the line and say things openly and truthfully to one another. This pussyfooting around everyone with political correctness is only making matters worse. White America now resembles nothing of 1960’s white America. It is now frowned upon in America to be a white racist, as it should be, however there is a double standard. It is not frowned upon for a non-white American to be a racist, and this needs to stop. Racists of all backgrounds need to be called out and not praised for such behavior. We live in the age where scientists are mapping our universe, cracking codes in our DNA, building technologies capable of feets never before acheived in recorded history. Even with all this genius achievement in our modern day, we still can’t drop the race issues. This extreme ignorance must stop, and it can only be stopped within. People in black communities hearing nonsense like people wanting to riot over something so trivial as the Trayvon Martin case need to take a stand. Be a leader and condemn those individuals as the idiots they are and teach your young not to follow in their footsteps. Instead teach them to use the tools they have at their disposal, like the internet, to stimulate their minds and dreams. Tell them that any questions they have, the internet can answer and one day they can use that knowledge to better their future and those around them instead of becoming a looting thug and a leech on society causing even more racial tension for future generations.

Author: Jay Gondolfo is 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comedy, and music.

Contact Jay at jaygondolfo@gmail.com


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