What I Be


I will be the son,

of fathers good and bad.

I will be the dad,

someone never had.

ScarecrowI will be the laborer,

in factories big and small.

I will climb and fall,

and mortar my own wall.


I will be the madman,

in a suit of eccentricity.

Drowning in the publicity,

only true friends can find me.


I will be the servant,

of the master of my choosing.

A slave baring the bruising,

in a struggle for never losing.


I will be the hero,

and the villain all in one.

I will never be done,

with the love of the run.


I will be the bankrupt,

of heart, respect, and wit.

Offended when I speak or spit?

I don’t give a shit.


I will be the dreamer,

of a better greater reality.

Humanity, meet humanity,

and no god to judge me.


I will be your love,

I will be your bane.

Good, evil, heart, brain,

I will be insane.



I will be the contradiction,

making peace with war.

No justice, no peace, more war.

More war, more war, more war.


I will be what you say,

whether or not I say I am.

Judgment passes thru invisible hands,

god is good with a good god-damn.


I won’t see what you don’t,

I will be what you see.

Do you see what I see?

Individually free, individually.


I will be being me,

whoever that is…..


BY:   Anne Kapp


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