How Research Can Save Your Intelligence

by Jay Gondolfo

Let’s suppose for a minute that a friend tells you there is a grand conspiracy for world domination and then lays out a detailed explanation of how and when it will all go down. One of three things will happen:

1) A light bulb will go off as you connect a piece of information you knew of previously with this person’s story and you will believe it.

2) You will immediately tell the person they are crazy, or…

3) You will take this information with a grain of salt and research what this person said to either confirm or debunk their claim.

Personally, I used to be the one where the light bulb went off, connecting dots without research… but now I am that third possibility/person. I will hear someone out and either debunk or confirm what they are saying through unbiased research. If there is one thing I am observing with people who have a need to share their beliefs, then it is the laziness of not doing research and spreading nonsense as truth. This can either be conspiracy theory nonsense or political beliefs that are taken to the extreme.

I will start with political beliefs that are made up of people just passing information off as gospel without any research to back it up. Normally I’d rip on the neo-conservative right-wing extremists, but I’m going to put the radical left in their place in this one. Over the past several months we have had a gun debate that has raged into an all out war between the pro-gun rights supporters and anti-gun rights supporters. The anti-gun rights lobby has since become a propaganda machine passing purposely inaccurate information as fact and using fear as a weapon to further their cause (Goebbels would truly be impressed). The gun rights crowd is passing nonsense too, but its more along the lines of paranoid ideologies and fantasies of a second American Revolution. Where these two sides differ is on the statistical facts. Plainly and simply put, the anti gun crusaders are always wrong on their statistics. If you are reading this and getting mad at me because you are among the anti-gun rights crowd, then I urge you to forget your beliefs and research as a true skeptic. You can start with the myth that “90% of Americans want more gun control.”

A few days ago the Gun Control Bill failed to pass. Common sense would tell someone if 90% of the people were so passionately in favor of something, the federal government would have an open and shut case for passing it through. This is not the case when it comes to this debate. In all actuality, polls from multiple sources show the split is about 50/50 on people who are against gun rights and people who are for gun rights. So why the lying? Why is the time, money and effort spent into making a political crusade with little or no factual evidence to back the cause up? Why are the Hollywood snobs making videos as if they had a clue as to what they are even talking about? The reason is the gun debate is purely an emotional debate. When someone uses phrases like “Do it for the children” or “Who needs an assault rifle” or “If we don’t pass a gun ban now, no one will be safe,” that person has given up all reasoning abilities and chosen to live in a state of paranoid fear. A simple look at the crime statistics on will show you that your odds of being killed by a gun is extremely low, especially if you live in a suburban neighborhood, then the odds are even lower. Whenever emotion like that is invested into a topic, all logic and reasoning capabilities go out the window. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I can never convince an anti-gun supporter of why it is necessary to have a right such as the right for the citizenry to own weaponry. It’s like telling a religious person that their religion is flawed. Until they alone see their irrational ways of spreading inaccurate information as facts, nothing will change that belief. It’s not that the anti-gun people are bad people. And neither do I consider them enemies; everyone is entitled to their beliefs so long as their beliefs don’t manifest into taking away another’s right to choose how they want to live.

Now I’m going to change direction and talk about my other favorite crowd of gullible believers who don’t research what they preach: the conspiracy “theory” cult. The hot topic for the past year or so has been the infamous “FEMA camps.” When people tell me this, I can’t help but wonder how people think this “diabolical scheme” can even work. There are over 311,000,000 people in the USA. There are 7,474 employees who work for FEMA, and there are 200,000 employees who work for Department of Homeland Security according to the official websites for FEMA and DHS (keep in mind that FEMA is also a branch of DHS, the two are not separate departments). United States population: 311,000,000. Number of DHS employees: 200,000. The population of the United States outnumbers the entire Department of Homeland Security 1,555 times. Even if every last person who was not a part of the federal government had a lobotomy and were compliant, diaper wearing, drooling vegetables there is no possible way that 7,474 people could contain millions of people in concentration camps, let alone commit mass murder without this information spreading like wildfire, resulting in severe backlash from the people. Another thing to factor in when thinking on this “FEMA camp” topic is this: our government is completely incompetent. The proof of that can be seen in everything they touch. Is it true that DHS has crisis areas set up? Yes, and that is exactly what they are, CRISIS CENTERS! After Hurricane Katrina, the federal government was so shaken up by its lack of response and the outcry of the people who were affected that they decided to set up crisis centers for quick responses to disasters.

It is easy to think that the world is a part of some epic struggle, but the truth may be far less exciting and even to some, aggravating. No matter how you feel, doing your research will make you a better person in the end. Researching will expand your mind past the limits you give yourself and break the fear barriers put on you by society, media, and family. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Take the time to think about the information you are given and see how the “possible” may be impossible, or vise versa.

Author: Jay Gondolfo is a 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comed and music.

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