Thank You For Your Service

Why are you thanking me? Really, why? What have I done that deserves a true heartfelt “thank you” from YOU personally? Why do you feel it necessary to buy me a beer or give me a free pass to a ball game? I’m not trying to be insensitive to those who have suffered from war, I just want to know what my own military career and the career of others has done for the people who live in the United States of America? I see my country in total disarray, corruption is rampant, and people care more about their entertainment services than their own basic human rights. So, please tell me… what have I or any other person in the military done that requires any more gratitude than the average person in modern day America?

Few things REALLY piss me off, and one of those on my top-five list is the cliched and phony worship of the American military. I’m sick of the military being used as a marketing ploy; I’m sick of the military being used by politicians who never served a day in their lives; I’m sick of being told “Thank you for keeping us free.” But most of all, I’m sick of the sheep-like American people who are too lazy to research things beyond a catchphrase and then say the ugliest things to anyone – including veterans – who challenges those cliches and inaccurate political catchphrases. I’m tired of walking into a local super market and seeing camouflage and yellow ribbons smeared over Budweiser cases, display stands, or even a fucking bag of potato chips saying “We Support Our Troops.” Why are people too stupid to see the shallowness of it all? How can they honestly see it as a form of patriotism and not morbid that some multimillion dollar company is using service members as a mascot to turn a fucking profit?

I’m a vet, but I’m not a combat vet. I did 6 long years in the US Coast Guard; did time on two cutters (ships) and one land unit; have sailed all over the Caribbean Sea as well as the Atlantic Ocean; I’ve been to Cuba, Haiti and so many other little Islands – I can’t even name them all – and I will soon be honorably discharged from active service. Being a member of the smallest and only branch of service not part of the Department of Defense, I have learned quite a few ugly truths about my country and the military that when I speak up about them, make me both loved and equally hated by fellow service members in all branches, as well as civilians I deal with. Ironically, I feel that had I never joined the Coast Guard and instead joined any of the other four branches (yes, including the Air Force), my input would be more respected by those who get a bad taste in their mouth when I tell them a blunt and honest statement. For me, my military “service” is a double fisted punch to the nuts. On days like Veteran’s Day and the other military worship days, I am a quasi part of “the military family”; all the “thanks for keeping us free” bullshit starts flying and then the famous question of “So hows the Navy treating you Jay? You’re in the Navy right?” (Nowadays, I just say yes to whatever branch they say.., who cares? They’ll only fucking forget in five minutes anyway). On other days when people aren’t enthralled by our modern day Roman style triumph holidays, should I speak out about some ugly truths, I’m a “Fucking puddle pirate who should die, not even a part of the military,” and “Get no say in anything because I never served.” These are all actual quotes said to me by other service members AND civilians, although I do get a lot of “You’re a fag” responses and other insults involving homosexuality from men with I.Q. average below 90 points. I never understood how the idiot-mind worked, and I’m even more baffled at how making a political statement is synonymous with having a homosexual attraction to men…

Now I have to talk about the civilian population, because it is these people who perpetuate this cult-like behavior and empower the Government’s monopoly on sanctioned violence on not only foreign countries, but right here at home too. Don’t think so? Just click on to YouTube and type in “Police Brutality” and you will see pure Nazi-esque evil happening to innocent people from all walks of life, right here in America. Black/white, young/old, it doesn’t matter.

When I first swore my oath of enlistment in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY, I made a promise along with every other U.S. military member to protect the country “from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.” That being said, when I see SWAT teams stacking up to assault an old man refusing to give up his home stolen by eminent domain laws, or a 12 year old skateboarder being body slammed by a 200 pound cop, or a mentally ill homeless man being beaten to death for fun by criminal cops, or a man with down syndrome being beaten and suffocated to death by cops, or a teenage girl getting her brains bashed in by a big and powerful out of control cop, I know that myself and every last man and woman in a military uniform has shamefully failed the people of this country.

So, I ask again, why are you thanking the military when we clearly let evil and sadistic murderers have the power to control and ruin your life? The odds of being killed by a terrorist are about 1 in 20,000,000… you are 8 times more likely to be killed by an American police officer than you are by a terrorist. More Americans this year will die at the hands of our own government than actual foreign threats…

It is blatantly obvious that like mainstream Democrats, mainstream Republicans are not logical, and nowhere can this be demonstrated better than their idiotic worship of the American military and American imperialism. Few people can make me feel as shitty about being a member of the armed forces than the ones who claim to “support us” the most. I am finding myself more and more angry and frustrated that so many people are blind to how the world really is and how their worship of imperialism actually hurts the military, rather than help it. What could I possibly mean by that? Right now in modern America we are engaged in military action on four continents; Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. And the reason we are on four continents is because of the military industrial complex. In a nutshell, we are so in debt that we perpetuate war as a band-aid for our economy as well as a money funnel for the war industries because we have given all our monetary power to the Federal Reserve private central bank, eliminated competing currency, and over time, outsourced most of our industry to third-world nations. The Drug War, the War on Terror, and every other “war” you can think of involving America is nothing more than one giant money making scam to benefit a few… not a nation. This is nothing new for America, we have been in this military industrial complex since December 7, 1941, the day we entered World War 2. We cranked up the war machine and never stopped. Since the end of WW2, America’s war machine has been unconstitutionally involved in over 40 military operations/engagements (that is just what we know of or have been declassified) and not a single conflict after WW2 was beneficial for the United States in any way (of course, no war is, but our war machine really didn’t take off until post WW2) Someone reading this might think: “But, what about 9/11 and Al Qaeda?” And my response would be, “Who created the militants and Al Qaeda?… We did.” In case you didn’t know, we actually did. We started up radical militants in Iran in 1953 when we toppled their sovereign government for oil and we continued in Afghanistan in the late 1970’s where U.S. and British intelligence agencies started using religious propaganda to fire up militia tribes against the expansion of the Soviet invaders (God forbid the commie heathens got their hands on the rich oil fields, poppy fields, and precious mineral mines before our wealthy and elite families did, right?). THIS was the birth of the Mujaheddin and Al Qaeda as we know them today… The complete opposite of what the war propaganda has told people… And that is just in the Middle East! That is not including our meddling with South America, Central America, Africa, and all these other little third world nations. Over a 50 year period we made sure that we armed, trained, and funded radical militants who overthrew governments for us all while our own government and the corporations were raping them on the back end. THIS is why the world hates us, not “because we are free”, or “Islam’s goal is to take over the world.” It is because we are a nation that is lazy and apathetic to not only what our tyrannical government unleashes on our own people, but the horrors they unleash on the rest of the world. Don’t get me wrong, there are bad guys out there who want to hurt innocent people, but if you want to know your enemy, than you must know their history and motive, and what you will come to find is that our “enemies” have common enemies with all people of the world: the oligarchy of the world financial institutions, the global corporations, and the world religions.

So after reading this, if you are one of the people who hang yellow ribbons and wave flags, I want you to take a good hard look at modern America and then ask yourself if the men and women in uniform really keep you free, or if you are just being used as a useful idiot perpetuating the big lie….

About The Author: Jay Gondolfo is 6 year Coast Guard veteran who has a love for personal freedom, esoteric/occult studies, offensive and intellectual comedy, and music.


2 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Service

  1. All I can say is not all of us are tossing out phony worship of the military when we thank a vet for his or her service. Understand where you and other vets are coming from because there are a lot of folks who offer thanks only from a reflexive action instead of a genuine thought. Many of us didn’t want men and women to go into harm’s way to protect Giant Amalgamated Inc and the MIC, but at the same time we’re glad they’re home.


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