Land Of The Busybullies

Busybully: One who officiously seeks out people over whom and situations in which to employ coercive leverage, such as state power/government authority, as a self-appointed absolute arbiter of some idea of justice and/or equality, etc. (belligerent agitator, bellicose instigator, truculent authoritarian, domineering meddler, pious intruder, autocratic butt-in, know-it-all crusader, nosy nazi) i.e. The neo-conservative religious right, eco-activist progressive socialists, or a pissed off hungry pack of unionized I.R.S. agents are possible examples which come to mind.

Regardless of original intentions, most politicians in office tend to end up just being busybullies in actual function. Everyone on the ‘smaller-than-current’ to ‘no’ government end of the political spectrum may be able to get behind candidates with a strict platform of repealing existing legislation. This is an avenue by which those of us who want to be politically engaged for the purpose of rolling back the size, scope, expense, and power of the present state may be involved w/o actually contributing to more expansion than cuts.

Other possible examples of productive work may be represented by institutions such as the Tenth Amendment Center and the Institute for Justice. Certainly in practice, nullification provides opportunity for positive and effective political action on which many ideological bridges may be erected for the common goals of strict constitutional conservatives, classical liberals, minarchists, libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and other ‘government shrinkers’ alike. Nullification is the rightful remedy on every level in which free Americans are resisting the present day encroachments of the state on our individual rights. One reason I say that is because nullification might be described as responsible citizens acting through peaceful means to stand as a voice of dissent when others are passing and submitting to bad laws.

In many ways, there are only two kinds of people presently active in the political landscape: those who are willing to grow the government, and those who only wish to shrink it. At the risk of espousing an ‘us vs. them’ mentality, it just is what it is and we just are where we are – fucked by the pandora’s box of a big government that has already grown out of control like an expanding leviathan blob on autopilot, which more people seem to be perpetuating than others are trying to stop. With an abnormally high prison population, multi-trillion dollar debt, and growing warfare/welfare global empire which perhaps should embarrass any self-respecting industrialized western nation which wishes to call itself civilized; the ‘land of the free’ which so many of us have loved so passionately has become and is rapidly becoming the land of the busybullies.

But, there may be potential for building bridges between the right and the left which is mutually beneficial toward freedom; on the day when right-wingers realize that our present structure of corporations might as well be big government considering the current amount of government protectionism for corporations, and leftists realize that our present government is the greediest, most oppressive, and inhumane of all corporate-like entities. If marriage is the intertwining of two becoming one, then the present corporatist marriage of the corporate-funded U.S. government and government-protected large corporations is an unholy matrimony of intrinsic symbiotic corruption.

While the bloviating pin-heads like Bill O’Reilly and Ed Schultz spin their tangled webs of deceit like pied pipers of the goose-stepping beltway, a growing demographic of average people across the country are exploring and embracing afresh the core principles of liberty. While some who are paying attention to this trend in the American political landscape may be anxiously anticipating violent showdowns, others have chosen to focus on what can be done to push back against the encroaching state through peaceful means. For those who either believe America to be better than to devolve into violent confrontations among ourselves, or those who simply wish that were so, civil disobedience may be one of the orders of the day. It might very well be true that the founders of our great country would have been shooting at this criminal government by now, and it might also very well be true that there is another way to free ourselves from government oppression. Although not much of a prophecy in the eyes of those who have noticed the growing number of vocal libertarian activists, I would predict that number will only continue to grow for some time to come. As more disillusioned veterans return from overseas conflicts, more non-violent offenders are imprisoned for victimless crimes, more hard-working taxpayers have increasing amounts of their earnings and property confiscated, more unemployed debt-ridden young college-age people watch inflation spiral exponentially out of control, and more retirees have to go back to work and/or radically adjust lifestyle on top of living through how Obamacare is about to clusterfuck medicine in America even worse than it already is, the race toward political activism which seeks to limit and/or abolish further growth of government power and intrusion seems to be on.

Say for instance, you figure out that you’re ultimately the only one who you can trust with your personal healthcare choices; you’re now an unnecessary clog in the bureaucratic machine in which best interest it is that you be eliminated entirely. Realizing that exercising one’s right to make one’s own healthcare choices is inconvenient for the government is one of the reasons I don’t understand why Americans are submitting to Obamacare.

Individual state governments, county sheriffs, and private citizens are becoming more vocal in expressing to the federal government how they are not in the mood to comply with any more federal gun control laws, or to continue tolerating the militarized police state which comes with the war on drugs and war on terror. In case you hadn’t noticed, America is in a cold civil war which intermittently gets hot. What we may be rapidly approaching is a situation in which the axiomatic conflict is the people on one side and the agents of government on the other. At that point, the options left are such that more people may choose to disassociate from the government completely, and the busybullies may just kill the people who won’t submit to all the government’s dictates. It may also be that so many people are so hopelessly dependent on and/or brainwashed to obey the government that they are willing to turn a blind eye to cruelty by government towards their fellow man. Who is to say the rounding up of Japanese Americans during World War II couldn’t have ended for them the same as it did for European Jews during the same time? If this mentality didn’t already exist in growing form, it would be impossible for the U.S. government to facilitate the TSA, wage the war on drugs, or continue its’ current policy of global military imperialism.

The more the busybullies who work for agencies which shouldn’t even exist as armed policing forces such as the DEA & ATF assault the citizenry, the more former lemmings wake up to the authoritarian onslaught and push back. The federal government already has enough blood of innocents on its’ hands. Hopefully, Americans will be able to embrace the better angles of our nature and de-escalate the violence which could serve as an excuse for the busybully of the state to only encroach even further on our civil liberties. Whether in council meetings, on the street, in the voting booth, by civil disobedience, strategies of nullification, in independent media, or by other non-violent means; it seems to some of us that the time for Americans to unite in the common interest of our individual freedoms against our unruly rulers is now. The land of the busybullies must always be challenged by those of us who still wish to be the land of the free.

About The Author: A.G. House is just an average guy who is completely fed up with busybullies who continue to use the guns of government to regulate personal choices of peaceful people and confiscate increasing amounts of the fruits of our labor to do that and other things which are none of government’s fucking business.


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