We Are Billion Year Old Carbon

In the cold and misty infancy of yet another new year, my thoughts drift easily, dreamily, seeping from one brain fold to another. It’s not a day for big-think or physical effort beyond that required to make a cup of tea. It’s a day, easing into evening, for self-indulgent woolgathering and listening to music like this….

star dust

About the Author: Teri Wills Allison is nobody special…just an angsty, dirt-worshiping plant whisperer who functions best in the company of horses and barnyard fowl (although currently, and paradoxically, she has neither chickens, geese nor garden). She embraces the Gaia hypothesis, hates wearing eyeglasses, frets over the Oxford comma and labors under the illusion that her words might somehow have an impact on someone, somewhere. Teri deeply regrets not having done more to leave her children and grandchildren a cleaner, greener, more peaceful world and dreams that her efforts to make up for lost time will bear fruit beyond the wildest imaginings. Her favorite quote is from Isadora Duncan, to wit: You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.

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