Neil Young’s Psychedelic Pill

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have teamed up for their second album in the past year and first original recording together since Greendale in 2003. Young has struck gold once again with Psychedelic Pill, his 35th studio album. It’s too early to say for sure, but many critics are suggesting that Psychedelic Pill may very well be one of the best albums of Young’s 53 year (and counting…) musical career.

I had the opportunity to see Young and Crazy Horse play live in Austin at the 2012 Austin City Limits Music Festival. It was an amazing show. Their sound was impressive but the thing that struck me most was how much damn fun they seemed to be having playing together again.

Check out my favorite track off the new album, Ramada Inn, and the official music video. And below that is a great recording of NY&CH performing Cinnamon Girl at ACL Fest.

This isn’t a review of Psychedelic Pill and I’m no music critic- I just wanted to share it with anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do.

-Nick Allison,

Chaos Section

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